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Hi guys! This is first post. Hope you’ll like it.

Life has carved a path,

For you to tread along.

And it’s quite okay if you feel,

That is not the place you belong.

You will be trampled and downtrodden,

Like the frayed edges of a folded paper.

Criticized for being unique,

Your difficulties will be theirs to savour.

The world will be at your feet, With darkness seeming to engulf you.

Failures and mistakes will smirk, With everyone whispering ‘adieu’.

Society will burn you,

Further shattering your heart. That is why ribs need to be cages, So hearts don’t break apart.

But don’t worry my girl,

The ashes are just a test.

To help you rediscover the phoenix,

Concealed so well within your chest.

And once you start to emerge, Soaring higher with every flight. The glow on your face will signify,

That you didn’t go down without a fight.

The crowd which once ignored you,

Will eye you with envy,

“How did she combat her fears? ” Will forever remain a mystery.

Giving up is not an option,

Don’t fill yourself with self doubt.

Why try to fit in….,

When you were born to stand out?

Author: Nandini Dholakia

Hi guys! I'm Nandini and welcome to my blog. This blog is brimming with excitement containing traces of self doubt and uncertainty. Filled with poems and short writings it is sure to take you on a heartfelt roller coaster as you venture on the ups and downs of life.

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