Morphed Individual

//Hey guys, Today I’ve completed the one month anniversary of my WordPress site. So just decided to celebrate by writing a new article. Hope you’ll enjoy it//

The words flowed out like a river from the canals in her mouth. Pure, uncensored and unadulterated. She learnt to express her opinions without hesitation taking a stand for what she believed was true. The syllables she enunciated, each one unique seemed to reciprocate her thoughts and emotions. A strong – headed determined young girl willing to change the world might be a little too less to describe her.

That is when society stepped in. Words like ‘conceited’ and ‘narcissistic’ thrown like spears of imperfections from their vocal chords masked her only ray of happiness. While she was profusely trying to sew the loopholes in their minds they clawed their way into hers manipulating every fibre until they were satisfied with the outcome. The piercing words in their minds shot the eloquent words in her throat silencing her to an ultimatum . Not only had her loved ones imperceptibly drifted apart but also the shades of sorrow which drenched her never seemed to ebb away.

Her now bleak mind twisted harsh words into euphemisms with sugar-coated lies rolling off her tongue within seconds. The demeanour which she showcased prohibited curiosity. Harmonious tunes of her ever enthusiastic voice bubbled away and a deadening silence usurped her. She was traumatised by the doings of society and felt confined within it. But there was no escaping now. Her eyes encased a poignant feeling and she died a little while living everyday. Her sudden transformation into a wilted flower stunned everyone and then society asked her, “Who did THIS to you?”. The rest is silence.



Author: Nandini Dholakia

Hi guys! I'm Nandini and welcome to my blog. This blog is brimming with excitement containing traces of self doubt and uncertainty. Filled with poems and short writings it is sure to take you on a heartfelt roller coaster as you venture on the ups and downs of life.

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