The Dancer

The spotlight encaptured by the dancer,
Twirling and pirouetting on her toe tips.
Spinning away gracefully to the ballad,
Floating mystically like the translucent mist.
The virulent mask withheld its stupor,
Presenting a charismatic reverie.
Impassive emotions was the key to success,
Her eyes downcast, masking the worry.
Every moment was spent in utmost agony,
Incoherent mumbles, stifled sobs threatened to spill out.
But the tinted glass braced it’s position,
Glossing up the exterior, dismissing any figment of doubt.
Hidden excavations, miniscule towns, Cumberland gaps and mountain retreats,
Were the destinations she longed to visit.
Yet back strapped and chained to the unrhythmic cage,
Voices too timid to fight back and solicit.
Her head reeled, completely intensified by the pressure,
Drumming fingers gave way to quivering hands.
The thumping heart raised the bar of its cardiac dictionary,
Composure and sanity seemed to slip away like quicksand.
It happened all so suddenly,
The at day when fatigue brutally attacked her.
Eating away the ecstacy and happiness,
Precipitating the grief, abolishing the fervour.
Her grave brimmed with wealth, flaking with opulence.
But lacked gravely in love and compassion.
Oh! How ironical it was,
That her income escalated steadily,
Even when her mindset deteriorated drastically.

– Nandini


Author: Nandini Dholakia

Hi guys! I'm Nandini and welcome to my blog. This blog is brimming with excitement containing traces of self doubt and uncertainty. Filled with poems and short writings it is sure to take you on a heartfelt roller coaster as you venture on the ups and downs of life.

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