// I was quite insecure about putting this up but here it is! Please tell me how you feel about it in the comments below //

That familiar passage of your house

is one to remember ,for

as I walk through the front door

I actively anticipate your arrival .

To look into your loving eyes

and hear the ricocheting of my heart.

To smell the cologne on your crisp blazer

and feel the butterflies in my stomach come alive .

But at that fleeting moment

I look outside the window

expecting to see the freely tossing waves

but ironically

see the stagnant dead rose on your grave .

A week had passed.

It was finally time to change the flower .



Author: Nandini Dholakia

Hi guys! I'm Nandini and welcome to my blog. This blog is brimming with excitement containing traces of self doubt and uncertainty. Filled with poems and short writings it is sure to take you on a heartfelt roller coaster as you venture on the ups and downs of life.

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