//Qms has given me so much! Words are too insignificant to ever express my love for it//💕

The waves of nostalgia never seemed to wash over me
Whenever I witnessed the beauty of God’s creation,
However I can no longer deny the void pit
Which is now choking with intense emotion.

Our uniforms will now lay forgotten
With no compulsion to be scrubbed,
Yet subconsciously our fingers creep upwards
Merely for the top button to be looped and tugged.

The teakwood desks too are saddened by our departure
For on them have we engraved our deepest secrets,
About hard – hearted betrayal and reckless love
Which no fairytale in this world can enunciate.

In this world of sadistic competition
We managed to rise together,
Turning the school into a home
Where you’ll transformed into our second mother.

At present, our personal enmity has instantly withered away
Leaving time – the sole foe in our journey,
The invisible hourglass has slipped, the countdown has begun
Perhaps this is the time to uncover our unwritten destiny.

Now it is time to spread our wings
To coalesce with people of divergent attributes,
We will have to grapple with the ups and downs
But don’t worry we won’t ever forget our roots.

Sometimes I feel I don’t have enough snapshots
To showcase the undying laughter and cries,
Because I was busy storing memories in my heart
Than in a 200GB device.

Flash forward ten years from now
We wouldn’t mind if you forget our names,
But just remember us as your Queen Marian
Someone who is always ready to play the game!


Author: Nandini Dholakia

Hi guys! I'm Nandini and welcome to my blog. This blog is brimming with excitement containing traces of self doubt and uncertainty. Filled with poems and short writings it is sure to take you on a heartfelt roller coaster as you venture on the ups and downs of life.

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